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Allied Risk Management is a full-service security firm. We offer a broad range of services, including armed and unarmed security guards, investigations, security consulting, emergency management, and more.

Fire & Life Safety


An organization must keep people and property safe from the damage and destruction of a fire. Allied Risk Management has been offering Fire and Life Safety Management solutions for nearly two decades. We provide a broad range of services including, testing and maintenance, system design, and Fire Guard Services. We are here to help you navigate the critical undertaking of Fire and Life Safety for your business. 

Fire & Life Safety Solutions:

  • Monitoring of the Fire Command Station

  • Initiation of the Fire and Evacuation Plans during emergencies

  • Maintain all Fire and Life Safety records for inspection by FDNY

  • Contact Fire Command Installation Company to provide any up-grades and repairs to the building Fire System

  • Continuous Fire and Safety Inspections of the property to identify and abate fire and building code violations

  • Monthly Inspections of all emergency exits, stairwells, and emergency lighting

  • Coordinate the monthly and year-end inspections of the building’s fire extinguishers through FDNY Certified sub-contractors

  • Annual review and revision of the Fire and Evacuation Plans

  • Distribution of Annual Evacuation Route Plans to tenants

  • Coordinate FDNY mandated annual “flow test” for sprinkler and standpipe systems with FDNY Certified sub-contractors

  • Coordinate the mandated 6-year hydrostatic testing of fire extinguishers through certified FDNY sub-contractors

  • FDNY Certifications to conduct visual inspections of the building sprinkler and standpipe systems

  • Coordination of the installation of illumination striping in all stairwells and annual replacement of damaged or missing stripingEnsure that all contractors hired by building owner/management to perform “Hot Work,” are adequately credentialed by the FDNY and are working in a manner as prescribed by the FDNY

Did You Know?

A Fire and Life Safety Director is a requirement of the New York City Fire Department. Depending on the classification of a building, the Fire and Life Safety Director may be required only during business hours. If the building has a speaker system and has more than 100 people occupying the premises above the first floor, the Fire and Life Safety Director is required around the clock and is responsible for initiating the fire and evacuation plan for the building during emergencies.  They coordinate the inspection of building fire suppression systems with sub-contractors and act as the liaison between the building owner or management and the fire department.

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