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Allied Protection Management is a full-service security firm. We offer a broad set of services, including armed and unarmed security guards, security consulting, emergency management, investigative services, and more. 


The services offered by our construction division are designed with each developer’s unique site in mind with a complete understanding of union and nonunion labor sites in NYC. Our team approach was learned and honed through time and experience on the streets of New York City, which developed our focus on cost effective real world security solutions.

Services Provided:

  • Armed and Unarmed Guards

  • Access Control Systems 

  • Video Surveillance 

  • Inventory Control 

  • Investigative Services, Employment Suitability/Background Checks

  • Executive Protection 

  • Security Consulting 

  • Disaster Recovery Services Provided 

  • Licensed Fire Protection Personnel

  • Electronic Information Management Systems

  • Installation and Maintenance of Access Control Systems

  • Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Systems

  • Installation and Maintenance of Electronic Information Systems

  • Provide OSHA Certified Security Personnel 

  • Provide personnel with FDNY Certificate of Fitness for the Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems (S95)

  • Provide personnel with FDNY Certificate of Fitness for Watch Person at Construction Site (S60)

  • Provide 24 hour law enforcement personnel to supervise security staff and act as a liaison at the

  • construction site with NYPD, FDNY and EMS.

  • Provide written incident reports for any unusual occurrences at the construction site



Allied Risk Management has extensive experience within the hospitality industry.  Our security officers are specifically trained to work in the hospitality industry, they understand the utilization of "aggressive hospitality skills” and the importance of making guests feel welcome. They are trained to provide a win/win solution for the hotel and its guests. 

We will recommend cost beneficial and practical solutions to reduce risks that could cause significant losses and/or liabilities by conducting a comprehensive review and audit of fire/life safety procedures, IT and physical security analysis, project management, and training programs. Allied Risk Management, Inc. offers the hospitality industry a reliable, high quality alternative to in-house resources. Our services can be tailored from a chain wide corporate perspective to a single proprietor franchised facility.

Services Provided:

• Licensed security personnel for special events (plainclothes, uniform, armed, unarmed, off duty and retired law enforcement personnel)
• Installation and maintenance of access control systems
• Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems 
• Shopping services
• Investigative services, employment suitability/background checks, undercover operatives
• Executive Protection (armed or unarmed)
• Security Consulting 
• Disaster Recovery 

• Fire drill training and evacuation procedures, and Active shooter training re:countering active shooter threats

•“Red team” training exercises


The services offered by our retail division are designed specifically for each client and the industry that they serve. We recognize that different retailers sell and market to different segments of our society and operate in geographical areas that require a variety of different strategic initiatives. With this in mind our security systems are tailored to meet the goals of each and every client.

Services Provided:

• Provide a risk assessment and a physical security survey of your facility
• Create and implement a comprehensive and strategic security plan designed for your location
• Provide consultation and guidance to develop a security policy and procedure manual for your facility
• Assess any current security policies or practices, analyze threats and security vulnerabilities to provide recommendations and corrective countermeasures
• Installation and maintenance of Access Control systems

• Installation and maintenance of burglar and intrusion detection system
• Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems
• Burglar and Intrusion Detection Systems
• Installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
• Licensed security officers, fire guards, uniformed and plainclothes, armed and unarmed, retired and off duty law enforcement personnel”

Houses of Worship


Our staff is dedicated to designing comprehensive security plans for Houses of Worship.  Not all Houses of Worship are the same. Differing styles of worship, building(s) layout and/or special event venue create a critical need for a security plan that is custom designed to suit the needs of your facility and your congregation or community. We provide security system design services to help you sort through the many technological options available in the market for security systems.


We help you select systems that work together for the needs of your facility to protect your people and assets. We design for you an overall integrated security system plan that will fit your facility, help to protect your people, and fit any budget – large or small - that you may be working with.


Services Provided:

• Provide a risk assessment and a physical security survey of your facility
• Help you to create and implement a comprehensive strategic security plan
• Provide consultation and guidance to help you develop a security policy and procedure manual for your facility
• Assess any current security policies or practices, analyze threats and security vulnerabilities to provide 
  recommendations and corrective countermeasures
• Installation and maintenance of access control systems

• Installation and maintenance of CCTV systems 
• Installation and maintenance of Burglar and Intrusion Detection Systems
• Provide licensed security personnel, uniform, plainclothes, armed, unarmed, off duty or retired law enforcement
• Executive Protection 

Fire & Life Safety


A Fire/Life Safety Director is a requirement of the New York City Fire Department. Depending of the classification of a building, the Fire/Life Safety Director may be required during business hours only, or may be required twenty four hours a day, seven days per week. If the building has a speaker system and has more than 100 people occupying the premises above the first floor, the Fire/Life Safety Director is required “around the clock”. 

The Fire/Life Safety Director is responsible for initiating the fire and evacuation plan for the building during emergencies, be the liaison for the building owner/management with the Fire Department. In addition, he/she coordinates the inspection of building fire suppression systems with sub-contractors.

Services Provided:

  • Monitoring of the Fire Command Station

  • Contact Fire Command Installation Company to provide any up-grades and repairs to the building Fire System

  • Initiation of the Fire/Evacuation Plans during Emergencies

  • Annual review and revision of the Fire/ Evacuation Plans

  • Distribution of Annual Evacuation Route Plans to building tenants

  • Coordinate the monthly and year end inspections of the building’s Fire Extinguishers through FDNY Certified sub-contractors

  • Coordinate the mandated 6 year Hydrostatic Testing of Fire Extinguishers through certified FDNY sub-contractors 

  • FDNY Certifications to conduct visual inspections of the building Sprinkler and Stand Pipe Systems

  • Coordinate FDNY mandated annual “flow test” for sprinkler and standpipe systems with FDNY Certified sub-contractors

  • Continuous Fire/Safety Inspections of the property to identify and abate fire/building code violations

  • Coordination of the installation of “illumination striping” in all stairwells by Allied Risk Management Staff, and the annual replacement of damaged or missing striping

  • Monthly Inspections of all emergency exits, stairwells and emergency lighting 

  • Ensure that all contractors hired by building owner/management to perform “Hot Work”, are properly credentialed by the FDNY

  • Ensure that those contractors are working in a manner as prescribed by the FDNY

  • Maintain all Fire/Life Safety records for inspection by FDNY

Private Investigations


Allied Risk Management provides clients with discrete and confidential investigations, conducted by retired Law Enforcement Personnel, licensed by the New York State Department of State. Our highly trained and experienced investigators, provide our clients with the most up to date investigative and surveillance techniques in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion for our clients.


Retired Law Enforcement personnel, possessing New York State Private Investigator License perform the following services:


  • Surveillance, personal and electronic

  • Comprehensive background checks for criminal, pre-employment, pre-marital

  • Criminal and Civil Investigations working in conjunction with attorneys

  • Insurance investigations

  • Accident investigations

  • Undercover investigations for retail, hotels, construction sites

  • Mystery shopper services

  • Nanny surveillance

  • Bug Sweeps

  • Risk assessment of hotels, retail establishments, houses of worship, construction sites

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